Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tiger's making papa Jackie Shroff proud

Tiger Shroff
Jackie Shroff was never an action star or a dancing sensation, but his son Tiger who will be launched in Sajid Nadiadwala’s film Heropanti seems set to excel in both the skills. Says an insider, “Don’t want to build up expectations for the newcomer before his film is launched, but Tiger dances like Hrithik Roshan and does action like Akshay Kumar.” That is a major compliment.

The newbie is also not very much like his father on several other aspects. Adds the insider, “Unlike his dad, who in his time was known to be a born flirt, Tiger is very shy with girls. He is very reserved with the opposite sex. There was an apprehension among Tiger’s team and family members about him opening up on the big screen. He recently did a test photo shoot and those present felt that the boy is a natural in front of the camera.”
Jackie, who is shooting a Bengali film Swabhumiin Jaisalmer, could barely contain his pride. “By God’s grace, Tiger has turned out to be a good boy, far more hard-working and focussed than I used to be when I started. And fully trained! Tiger understands his body and the camera. When I started I was a dud.” Jaggudada is all praise for Tiger’s producer Sajid too. “I don’t think my boy could’ve started with a better producer. Sajid is experienced and generous. He will make sure Tiger is well packaged and presented. My debut in Hero just happened. But a lot of thought is going into Tiger’s Heropanti.”
Says Tiger, “It feels like the most important time of my life. I’ve been training like crazy. Every morning there’s gymnastics and dance rehearsals. At night,I run and practice martial arts. It’s a very focused regime that doesn’t leave me much time for a social life.
That makes me a kind of not-so-cool guy.” Tiger admits the training for the film leaves him no time to get a love life. “The closest I’ll get to a girlfriend is the one I’ll have in my film.”