Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pixion delivered 3800 VFX shots for Son of Sardar

A creative team of 110 artists has taken around 6 months to complete the entire VFX for Son of Sardar

Pixion, the most well renowned name in the entertainment industry has  delivering path breaking work with movies like Barfi!Bol Bachchan,Don 2, Agneepath and Golmaal Returns. Pixion has recently delivered VFX for Son of Sardar . It has delivered around 3800 brilliant VFX shots for this film.Mr. Naveen Paul was the VFX supervisor for the movie and was completely involved creatively and technically from the day of commencement. VFX for the movie carried out with the contribution of Viral Thakkar,  Sudhir Trivedi, who played the role of the CG Supervisor and Pankaj Kalbende, has been the Associate VFX Supervisor for the movie.

London Song Sequence was shot at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai in which the entire sequence was shot against a chroma background and was further used to re-create a new city behind the characters.

A total of 3 weeks has been taken to complete the Turban sequence with over 10 artists working on it and the sequence was divided into 18 shots. Also, the original turban, which Ajay Devgn was wearing in the movie, was brought to Pixion so that the team could understand the kind of material from which the Turban was created. Making most of this opportunity, the team captured snaps of the turban and applied the texture to the CGI Turban

the Prologue Shot, which took around 10 days to complete. The Director wanted Pixion to give a proper depth in the overall scene. Apart from the characters in this shot, each element was digitally created starting from the background layer, blood squirts, the cornfield, a sickle and wooden Axe. The sequence was shot at a fast speed and hence the compositors had to stitch together various plates of the actors shots and then forward to the CGI team. Initially wind was to be used in the prologue shot, but it was then struck out.

"Sonakshi has never driven a bike before, so she was quite anxious about riding and performing stunts on the bike. So Ajay helped her to ride the bike,

Tornado sequence, in which CGI Tornado and Debris were to be created. Pixion had received reference clips from the director for planning this sequence and has created the sequence in 20 days, which is composed with 7 shots.