Thursday, 14 March 2013

Akshay opens cancer shelter for cops

Akshay Kumar is known to have had a special bond with his father Hari Om Bhatia. Post naming his production house after his father, the latest is that Akshay has named the new Police cancer shelter that he opened as Hari Om Cancer Shelter.

The shelter which will cater exclusively to police personnel was inaugurated on Tuesday, March 12. The reason behind the actor opening the shelter is the plight of the police personnel he witnessed while his father was undergoing chemotherapy at the Tata Memorial hospital. It was then that he had noticed how policemen - while undergoing treatment for the disease - would face trouble with their stay and food arrangements.

In the new shelter opened, the patients can avail of the shelter's services, including food and AC rooms with TV sets, by paying just Rs. 400 per day. Currently equipped with 30 beds, the shelter is expected to expand if necessary permission and space is available.

Commenting on the opening of the shelter Akshay says, “It has been a long-standing dream for me. Besides Mr Arup Patnaik (ex-Mumbai police commissioner), I am very thankful to Satyapalji (Singh; current commissioner), deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar and Maharashtra home minister RR Patil, for helping me make my dream come true.”